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Best Smartphone Market in 2021

The best smartphone market in 2021 is filled with a wide variety of handsets to choose from. Although it is not possible to choose a single best smartphone for everyone, we have highlighted the best handsets for different purposes. In this article, we’ll discuss OnePlus 9 Pro, Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, Google Pixel 4a 5G, and Nokia x20. You’ll find that each of them is highly rated by consumers.

OnePlus 9 Pro

With its upcoming launch, the OnePlus 10 Pro is poised to be one of the best smartphones of the decade. The smartphone will be priced at $899, which is a great deal given its impressive specs. We’ve got hands-on reviews from Daniel Bader and Harish Jonnalagadda, and you can read them below. Both of these men tested the OnePlus 10 Pro on Airtel’s network in Hyderabad.

The OnePlus 9 Pro has a 120Hz Fluid Display 2.0 AMOLED display, using low-temperature polycrystalline oxide tech. Its diagonal measurement is 6.7 inches, with a resolution of 1440 x 3216 pixels at 525 ppi. Its Smart 120Hz feature automatically adjusts the refresh rate to conserve power, which can reduce the device’s power usage by 50%. It also features a 360Hz touch response, which is more than twice the speed of a traditional touchscreen.

While the OnePlus 9 Pro’s display is hole-punched, it has a mid-sized hole for the camera, and it has a 6.7-inch AMOLED screen with 1440p resolution and 525 ppi. The OnePlus 9 Pro has a 120Hz refresh rate, which will allow you to watch videos without interruptions. It also features a redesigned notch for the earpiece, which means you’ll have a higher quality audio experience on the go.

The OnePlus 9 Pro comes with dual-SIM connectivity, but it doesn’t work on AT&T’s network. While it’s available unlocked and through carriers like T-Mobile, it can only connect to T-Mobile and Verizon’s 5G networks. You can use MVNOs that use T-Mobile’s 5G network if they have it. It’s also compatible with Google Fi.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

The new Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G features an all-new contour-cut camera for stunning 8K video and epic stills. Its all-day battery and fastest chip allow it to run for longer periods. Despite its power consumption, the new S21 Ultra 5G is not just a powerhouse, it’s an essential for everyday use. Here are the top reasons to purchase this phone now:

The most notable flaw of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is its lack of microSD card expansion. It also lacks backup functionality. The screen is a good size, but the low-end tiers are inconvenient for watching recorded movies. The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra’s color accuracy is average, but better than some Apple and Xiaomi models. The device also lacks a Bluetooth audio codec update, a feature that many phones come with these days.

One of the best aspects of the new Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is its impressive screen. The phone is equipped with a 120Hz adaptive refresh rate that enables smooth scrolling and transitions. The phone also supports IP68 water resistance and 25W quick charging. A few additional features that Samsung has thrown in to keep it competitive include S Pen compatibility. The Galaxy S21 Ultra should work with the S Pen on the Galaxy Note series.

The camera is another strong point. Samsung’s new Galaxy S21 Ultra boasts a triple camera array. The primary camera is a 108-megapixel camera with a f/1.8 aperture and 0.8-micron pixel size. Four secondary cameras are each 10MP. The front camera has a f/2.2 aperture and 0.7-micron pixel size. The overall camera performance of the S21 Ultra is impressive, and it makes the S21 a standout smartphone among its competition.

Google Pixel 4a 5G

If you’re in the market for a new phone, the Google Pixel 4A 5G could be an excellent choice. Its $499 price tag makes it a great value, and its improved camera and performance are among the best you can find in a smartphone. Even though it doesn’t sell in the U.K., it’s still a solid option if you’re looking for a cheap phone that has top-tier features. However, there are some compromises.

The Google Pixel 4A 5G doesn’t have as many camera modes as the newer Pixel 5 and its predecessor. The Pixel 4A’s main camera has 12 megapixels, while the 5G’s has a 16 MP ultrawide sensor. It’s also missing night mode, panorama, and other features that other phones have. However, it’s not a bad choice for those who want to take better pictures in low light.

The Google Pixel 4A 5G comes with Android 11. It is also the first phone to receive future Android updates. The Pixel brand is so committed to its OS that it promises to release updates for three years after purchase. Google’s approach to Android is clean and simple, which sets it apart from many Android manufacturers. Although Google has yet to announce the exact release date of the Pixel 4A 5G, it is a solid option for consumers who want a fast and reliable phone.

As the world goes towards 5G, the Google Pixel 4XL is likely to be a great option. It has a powerful Snapdragon 855 CPU, which should still be a respectable choice in 2021. It also features a 90-Hz display, face unlock, and Soli gesture system. As a result, the new Pixel 4 XL has a great price for an older model.

Nokia x20

If you’re looking for a phone that can keep up with your ever-changing technology needs, the Nokia X20 may be just the thing. It boasts a solid build, good stamina, and clean software. Best of all, it’ll still have the latest features in three years. This is a phone that will keep up with your changing needs for years to come. But is it worth the hype? Read on to find out!

The Nokia X20 comes with a 4,470mAh battery, which pairs well with its low-powered CPU. It should give you a full day of usage, but you can easily get away with two or three. It also supports fast charging – we were able to charge it from zero to 40% in 30 minutes, and it took 90 minutes to reach full charge. However, it’s worth noting that Nokia has partnered with the tree-planting charity Ecologi, and will donate 20 trees in your name when you purchase the phone.

Another highlight of the Nokia X20 is that it offers 5G connectivity. Although it’s not yet available in the United States, it is worth looking into. This phone will have the same processor and storage capacities as the more expensive models, but it will be much cheaper. You can expect to pay EUR309 or $367 for this device, but the battery will be a bit smaller. As you can see, Nokia is aiming for an affordable price tag.

The X20 has a 6.67in IPS LCD display. The front is clean, but the sides are chamfered, and the rear is slightly textured. The camera on the back is circular, and is branded by Zeiss. The Nokia X20 is not an entry-level Nokia; the X20 has a lot of bells and whistles. So, while it may not be the perfect phone for everyone, we do love it.

Asus Zenfone 8

The smallest flagship-spec’d Android phone is the Asus Zenfone 8, which starts at $599. With a Snapdragon 888 5G processor, it has solid build and a 5.9-inch Super AMOLED display. Downsizing may be a challenge, though. The screen is also very bright and 120 Hz, which is an uncommon spec for a phone of this price.

The 4,000-mAh battery in the Asus ZenFone 8 is a significant plus, and it’s easy to see why ASUS is prioritizing its high-end phone. While screen-intensive activities will deplete battery life quickly, the phone has a range of power-saving features to help you conserve battery power. You can change the brightness level, reduce the screen refresh rate, turn off the always-on display, and manage other power-hungry settings.

In addition to a compact design and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor, the Asus Zenfone 8 sports a comparatively small camera bump and a vapor pipe cooling system. Like many other flagship smartphones, the Zenfone 8 has an unibody design, with the fingerprint scanner and other sensors placed on the rear. The phone is also slightly thinner than the Pixel 3a and is three millimeters shorter.

The Asus Zenfone 8 was launched on May 12, 2021 and was the company’s flagship line for the year. It packs top-end power and OLED screens, but was initially only available in Europe. India received the phone later. The phone’s cameras flip and rotate to allow you to take better selfies. The camera also offers a wide range of features, including autofocus, HDR, and a fingerprint sensor.

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