New Logo for World Cricket Fans!

New Logo for World Cricket Fans!


We are happy to announce our new logo as you can see in the banner of this page. Please take a moment to look at it and tell us what you think! If you like it, we would greatly appreciate if you could share it on your social media sites and with your friends who might be interested in joining us here at WCF.


Our history

Cricket is a sport that is enjoyed by many around the world. It is a game that dates back centuries and has been enjoyed by people of all ages. The game has evolved over the years, but the one constant has been the fans. They are the ones who make cricket the great game that it is. They have stood by this wonderful game through its ups and downs, bringing their unique joy to the field. There is no other place like the stands at a cricket match. You will find some of your best friends here while singing your favorite team’s songs or chatting with friends from across the globe about everything from food to fashion. If you’re new to this wonderful game then head out to your local pitch and we’ll teach you how to cheer like our new logo!


Our vision

We want to provide the best possible experience for cricket fans around the world. Our new logo is just one way we’re working to improve the fan experience. Our vision is to be the number one cricket destination for fans everywhere.

We will continue to work hard to provide fans with the best possible experience, whether they’re watching a match, reading an article, or interacting with other fans on our platform. Thanks for supporting us as we strive to improve the fan experience! Let us know what you think of our new logo and how we can improve your experience. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates about cricket all over the world.


What we stand for

We are the world’s biggest cricket fan club! Our members hail from all corners of the globe, and we are united by our love for the game. We are passionate about cricket and its role in uniting people and cultures. We believe that cricket is a sport for everyone, and we are committed to growing the game worldwide. Our new logo represents our commitment to these values. Thanks for being part of our club! Share this with your friends on Facebook and Twitter so they can get involved too. We stand for:

-Cricket as a sport for all

-Cricket as an international language

-Growing the game of cricket around the world


Why you should use us?

If you’re a fan of cricket, then you’ll love our new logo! We’ve worked hard to create a logo that represents the sport and its fans perfectly. Here’s why you should use us – If you’re looking for good cricket content, then we have it

– All logos are delivered within 24 hours so you don’t have to wait long

– You can contact customer service with any questions or concerns

– We know how important branding is because it reflects who your company is


Work with us now

We’re excited to introduce our new logo for World Cricket Fans! We worked with a professional designer to create a unique and modern logo that represents our brand. If you’re a fan of cricket, we’d love to work with you now. Contact us today to learn more about how you can be involved. Our team is dedicated to bringing the world together through the sport of cricket. We are excited to finally have a logo that speaks to who we are as an organisation.

Please take a look at it and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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